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Student Council


Penny Wars runs through Monday, April 24.  This is a competition between grades 6-8. Silver coins like nickels, dimes, quarters, half dollars, dollar coin and paper dollar bills all subtract, while pennies will add.  The grade that has the most amount will be rewarded with a "make your own sundae" event.  This is a fundraiser for Student Council.  Last year the class of 2022 won this event.  Will they do it again this time?   



2016-2017 MEMBERS


**Chase Aruskevicius

Aidan Anderson

Ben Bates

***Natalie Costello-V. Pres.

**Ben Hahn

Waylen Bock

Valerie Deehr

**Torri Keyser-Recording Sec.

Jaden Carey-CorrespondingSec.

William Duniver

**Emily Moore

Chloe Collins

Boyd Dunn

**Gabe Rang

Clint Finnen

***Jaden Garn-Chief Affairs

Alivia Rakosky-Sergeant

Zack Flory

**Will Grant

**Paige Reer

Evelyn Gall

Arianna Heyl

Chloe Shepherd

Akadian Garn

Emma Horchler

Noah Smith

Ryan Hanson

Anna James

**Adriana Swayngim

Max Hermes

***Katie Jeremay-President 

**Nicqui Ward

Payton Koelsch

Sydney Johnson

**Cole Weilnau-Chief Affairs

Brienna Marcy-Sergeant 

***Andrew Kibler

**Ella Wlodarsky

Aidan Metz

Jill Kromer


Jay Perry

***Kayla Mancuso-Sergeant 


Isabella Sanabria

**Noelle Marcy


Alli Vogus-Chief  Affairs

**Kameron McDonald


Olivia Wilson

Olivia Rospert



Leo Schnellinger



Mallory Stiles



** 2 Year Members

*** 3 Year Members

   Adviser -

Mrs. Bishop

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Last Updated ( Thursday, 20 April 2017 )  

Morning Meeting Dates-

April 3, 5, 17, 19, 24, & 26


There are no meetings when school is not in session or on a delay.







Last Updated on Thursday, 06 April 2017 11:30

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