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Seventh Grade


Mrs. Pajak's and Mrs. Yingling's Language Arts Classes

The students in both Mrs. Pajak's and Mrs. Yingling's classes took a field trip to the Berlin Heights Historical Museum to listen to a presentation by the curator of the museum, Mrs. Hunter, of the fascinating lives of people from the Berlin Heights/Milan area who made a significant impact on their communities, our country, and the world. Students were asked to use resources in the museum to research their person of interest to later produce a biographical sketch essay of a chosen person's life and legacy.


Mrs. Yingling's Language Arts Classes
The students used the writing traits to create books as group projects. Students read a book that concentrated on the main character using voice. They were instructed to create characters in their books who had strong voices throughout the story.


Mrs. Bissell's Science Classes

The 7th Grade Science classes participated in a week long STEM project. Their goal was to design and build a solar concentrator that would transfer heat energy to a copper plate and raise the temperature as high as possible.  The students worked cooperatively and had certain criteria and constraints that they to abide by.








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Seventh Grade Teachers

Mrs. Yingling-Language Arts

Mrs. Pajak-Language Arts

Mr. Fisher-Social Studies

Mrs. Crooks-Math

Mrs. Bissell-Science

Mrs. Davis-Art

Mr. Clum-Physical Education

Mrs. Ludwig-Band/Choir

Mr. Williamsen-Technology

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