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Fifth Grade


Mrs. Reinbolt's Science Classes

The fifth graders enjoyed using the scientific method to discover how many drops of water fit on a penny.  

Mrs. Wilson's Language Arts Classes
The 5th grade students in Mrs.Wilson's Periods 1-2 worked on group projects as they read the novel Hatchet by Gary Paulsen. They researched animal tracks, making fire, survival skills, flight plans, survival swimming, heart attacks and Cessna small engine planes. They used their new knowledge to experience surviving in the Alaskan wilderness like Brian the main character.

Mrs. Wilson's language arts classes wrote to their favorite authors and persuaded them to write back. Addyson Puraty and Sam McClester were the first two students to receive letters from their authors,Chris D'Lacey and Katie DiCamillo. They both received handwritten autographed postcards. We look forward to receiving more letters throughout the school year.









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Fifth Grade Teachers

Mr. Fischer-Social Studies & Math

Mrs. Reinbolt-Science & Social Studies

Mrs. Litteral-Math

Mrs. Wilson-Language Arts & Social Studies

Mrs. Fraylick-Language Arts

Mrs. Ludwig-Music

Mr. Wolff-Art

Mr. Clum-Physical Education

Mr. Williamsen- Technology

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